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Shrink RapShrink Rap

Three Psychiatrists Explain Their Work

Dinah Miller, M.D., Annette Hanson, M.D. and Steven Roy Daviss, M.D.

Narrated by Colleen Patrick

Approximately 10.5 hours


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Book published by The Johns Hopkins University Press

Based on the authors' hugely popular blog, Shrink Rap, and podcast series, My Three Shrinks, this book is for patients and everyone else who is curious about how psychiatrists work. Using compelling patient vignettes, Shrink Rap explains how psychiatrists think about and address the problems they encounter, from the mundane (how much to charge) to the controversial (involuntary hospitalization). The authors face the field's shortcomings head-on, revealing what other doctors may not admit about practicing psychiatry.

Candid and humorous, Shrink Rap gives a closeup view of psychiatry, peering into technology, treatments, and the business of the field. If you've ever wondered how psychiatry really works, let the Shrink Rappers explain.

Dinah Miller, M.D. , a psychiatrist and writer, is in private practice and is a consulting psychiatrist for the Johns Hopkins Hospital Community Psychiatry Program.

Annette Hanson, M.D. , is a forensic psychiatrist with appointments at the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Steven Roy Daviss, M.D. , also on the faculty at the University of Maryland, is a hospital-based psychiatrist and medical informatician and is chair of the Department of Psychiatry at Baltimore Washington Medical Center.


“It's a fascinating peek into the minds of those who study minds.”

Washington Post

“The authors' optimism and humor consistently shine through, creating an informative and entertaining resource for patients and families.”

International Review of Psychiatry

“One of the most useful books I've read about mental illnesses—and as the father of a son with a severe mental disorder, I've read just about all of them. It demystifies our complicated medical and legal system, explaining everything from 'chemical imbalances' to involuntary commitment procedures to the most recent advances in brain mapping. If you have a mental disorder, love someone who has one, or are a doctor, therapist, social worker, lawyer, judge, or criminal justice professional, you need to read this book.”

—Pete Earley, New York Times bestselling author of CRAZY: A Father's Search through America's Mental Health Madness

“The authors convey a rich and detailed picture of psychiatry. They use plain English and reduce the use of medical jargon to the minimum: the book is thus usable by anyone interested in the topic. ”


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