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Tales Never Told Around The CampfireTales Never Told Around The Campfire

True Stories Of Frontier America by Mark Dugan

Mark Dugan

Narrated by roy lunel

Approximately 9 hours


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Book published by Ohio University Press

Ten outlaws, ten states, ten stories of nineteenth-century fugitives remarkable because the events really took place. Mark Duganís latest outlaw chase reins in enough evidence to corral the cynics. There is new information on the strange relationship between Wild Bill Hickok, his enemy and victim, David McCanles, and the beautiful Sarah Shull of North Carolina. Was Tom Horn a hired killer for the big cattlemen in the unsolved Wyoming ambush? How much do we really know about Deputy U.S. Marshall Ed Short, legendary for his gun duel with Black-Faced Charley Bryant of the Dalton Gang in Oklahoma? Or Cora Hubbard, who led a bank robbery in Missouri, then went home to Kansas to change back into a dress and bury the stolen money in her potato patch? What became of Punch Collins, black leader of a New Mexico train bold up in 1884?

Mark Dugan teaches at Appalachian State University and Caldwell County Community College in North Carolina. He is also the author of Bandit Years: A Gathering of Wolves


“While the stories in Duganís book may be Ďtales never told around the campfire,í they sure are worth reading by armchair historians around the fireplace on a cold winterís evening.”

Plains Anthropologist

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